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About Dynasafe

Dynasafe pull on their 20 years experience in the removal and management of CBRNe, UXOs and other hazardous materials when operating within areas that have been affected by terrorist activity, land mines and UXOs. Our integrated solutions can deliver both disposal and protection systems.


Dynasafe - Safeguarding Your Future


Dynasafe has exceptional international experience and success across the spectrum of Area Clearance, Demilitarisation and Protection over the last 20 years.


As a world leader in CBRNe risk mitigation, Dynasafe is the only organisation capable of providing the full package of surveying, locating, clearing, containing, transporting and disposing of CBRNe (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, explosives) materials. Their experience includes more than 1000 UXO and demining projects globally; over 20 chemical and conventional demilitarisation plants deployed and more than 250 containment chambers and integrated protection systems. All this against a background of 100 years of accumulated experience in the operation of disposal plants.