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Dynasafe Demil’s Static Detonation Chamber (SDC) undergoes Factory Acceptance Testing for the destruction of mustard munitions

Dynasafe’s Static Detonation Chamber has been selected for the destruction of mustard munitions; part of the chemical

Released in: 2015:08:07
Dynasafe launch Off Gas Treatment systems to the commercial chemical industry


Released in: 2015:06:15


Dynasafe Demil Systems AB is certified according to ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008 Certified: Quality Demil Systems

The safety of people, property, infrastructure and the environment is fundamental to our demilitarisation products and systems. Our proven quality and functionally-tested techniques position Dynasafe Demil Systems as the company of choice.


Located in Karlskoga, a Swedish technology development centre, Dynasafe Demil Systems operate in the technology centre where many heavy manufacturing industries are located and Dynasafe Demil Systems benefit from the direct access, support and a great cooperation network from these companies.


Dynasafe Demil Systems AB, Dynasafe Germany GmbH and Dynasafe Sales & Operations GmbH are all certified according to ISO 9001:2008. Dynasafe Sales & Operations also holds an ISO 14001:2009 certificate as well as a SCC certificate, assuring that their SGU (Health, Safety and Environmental Protection) management system complies with the SCC “Contractor Safety Certificate” regulations, version 2011.


Throughout the entire lifecycle of our products the emphasis is on safety. Dynasafe products and systems are designed to incorporate the highest levels of safety to minimise risk and to ensure total confidence in the products for our clients. Before delivery all Dynasafe Demil Systems machinery and plants are built and tested in our assembly workshop; the machinery and plants are delivered in pre-assembled units to the client. This ensures that the installation and commissioning at the site will be both quick and efficient.