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Dynasafe Demil’s Static Detonation Chamber (SDC) undergoes Factory Acceptance Testing for the destruction of mustard munitions

Dynasafe’s Static Detonation Chamber has been selected for the destruction of mustard munitions; part of the chemical

Released in: 2015:08:07
Dynasafe launch Off Gas Treatment systems to the commercial chemical industry


Released in: 2015:06:15


Dynasafe Demil Systems AB is certified according to ISO 9001:2008

Demilitarization Technologies - MEA & SDC Systems

Dynasafe demilitarization systems require minimal infrastructure, making their deployment to remote regions of the world practical and cost-effective. We provide destruction systems which are mobile, semi mobile or stationary, together with the required off-gas treatment systems.

Thermal Treatment

Dynasafe Demil Systems' thermal munitions destruction systems are designed for the safe destruction of ammunition and ammunition components. The Dynasafe SDC (Static Detonation Chamber) is an indirectly heated detonation chamber, where munitions are fed through a gastight automated loading system and heated until the explosives burn, deflagrate or detonate. For most types of munitions this process eliminates dangerous disassembly procedures and does not require counter-charges. The SDC system is very flexible and is capable of handling various types of explosive devices. Acceptable munition fills include high explosive (HE), pyrotechnical, irritants, chemical munitions, incendiary, smoke and illumination munitions as well as a wide range of commercial explosives.

Based on similar principles as the SDC systems the MEA (Mobile Ammunition Disposal Plant) system, a smaller unit is available for munitions destruction. The MEA system is designed to process smaller calibres, dismantled munitions parts and munitions not containing any toxic or aggressive substances; the system may be mobile, semi-mobile or stationary as well as containerized. The MEA system contains an indirectly heated armoured destruction chamber to fully destroy explosives and energetic materials.

Metal scrap resulting from destruction and containing no residues from explosives, is safe for recycling or public release, once removed from the SDC or MEA systems. The quality of the munitions scrap by far exceeds the strict US 5X criteria. The exhaust gases from the SDC pass through a pollution control system (off-gas treatment system), designed and built by Dynasafe. Off-gas treatment systems are capable of meeting or exceeding the world's most stringent environmental regulations.

Dynasafe also provides rotary kilns, tunnel furnaces, flashing furnaces and other thermal treatment options for example for small arms, air bags, fireworks and other explosive components.

Mechanical Treatment

The excellent skills and experience in munitions and munitions disposal within Dynasafe provide the expertise to design and build customised, engineered solutions.

Dynasafe Demil Systems offer a wide range of munitions dismantling and disassembly equipment such as special band saws, rotating band cutting machines, special ammunition shears, water jet cutters, under water band saws, bomb cutting rings, bullet breaking machines, small arms crushers, dismantling systems for different calibres, melt out systems and customised remotely operated equipment for preparation and dismantling of different types of munitions. For safe operation of dismantling equipment we are able to provide special safety containers and ammunition containers for intermediate storage.


Dynasafe Sales & Operations is part of Dynasafe Demil Systems. Operating from its own destruction site in Germany, they provide services for dismantling and destruction of ammunition with mobile equipment, including a mobile thermal destruction unit.

An expert team with experience and skills is available for detailed on the job training as well as for European and overseas operations.

Operational support is available from Dynasafe, including full operation of a plant, depending on the project.