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Counter Terror Expo

The Dynasafe Group attended the Counter Terror Expo (CTX) London 2013, with two of its business units: BACTEC and Dynasafe Protection Systems.


This international event held at the Olympia in London brought 9,254 attendees – 9% increase on the 2012 event, 753 Delegates, 108 High Level Conference Speakers, 368 VIPs - 123% increase in VIPs and 400 exhibitors over two days (24-25 April) to discover solutions to protect against threats for: Police, Emergency Services, Government, Military, Intelligence & Security Services, Private Sector, Large Scale Sites, Cyber, On/Off Shore Oil & Gas Security, Integrated Security, Critical National Infrastructure and Maritime/Anti-Piracy, the latter was a brand new feature for this year’s event.

With 84% of attendees having purchasing authority, 73% having a security project planned within the next 12 months and 34% having a budget of over £100,000 for their planned projects, the CTX 2013 represents the number one destination to discover the latest and greatest technologies and advances to mitigate threats, protect against terrorist attacks and understand current modern day risks in a secure environment.

Dynasafe Protection Systems presented their latest products at this fifth edition of the show while also engaged with high potential distributors and a wide network of exhibitors showcasing technologies, equipment and services of interest to the wider Group. Additionally, the Dynsafe Group attended talks held by a number of high level speakers from the UK, Home Office, United Nations and NATO, to mention only a few. 

The Group’s portfolio at the show was varied introducing Dynasafe Protection Systems technologies while also covering the most advanced services in demining on land and underwater featured by BACTEC. The CEO and the business development manager of the Dynasafe Group, the Sales Group Managing Director and his team as well as the marketing teams of BACTEC and Dynasafe Protection Systems were all present at CTX 2013.

By: Elizabeth Deheza

Courtesy and photography by: Rob Newton, Marketing Manager, Philip Hunter, Event Director - Clarion Defence & Security