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Dynasafe Demil Systems AB secure major turn- key contract

Dynasafe Demil Systems AB, with head-quarters in Karlskoga Sweden, part of Dynasafe group of companies, has secured its first "turn-key" contract for the installation, and required infrastructure, for a Static Detonator Chamber 1200C (SDC), with the Belgium Ministry of Defence. This 16.8 million euro contract was finalized on December 23rd 2014 and commissioning will be in 2016.

Every year in Belgium more than 200 tonnes of WWI toxic munitions are discovered; this legacy of toxic projectiles has to be disposed of by an approved solution, ensuring that the process is environmentally acceptable. The SDC 1200C will destroy chemical munitions from WWI in accordance with all environmental regulations; meeting all the requirements of the Belgium Law and the EU 2000/76 emission directive.

CEO, Dynasafe Demil Systems AB, Jörgen Björkman commented:
"We are delighted to have been awarded this contract by the Belgium Ministry of Defence; it reaffirms Dynasafe's position as a leading global supplier of technology in both demilitarization and systems for protection against explosions. The project will provide a good business platform for 2015, and as this project is based on a previously designed SDC 1200C, it gives the company the capacity and resources to take on additional, expected orders! We look forward to the commissioning in 2016 of the plant and a long and fruitful relationship with the Belgium Ministry of Defence."

Dynasafe is an international organisation which specialises in mitigating the risk, the removal and management of UXO (Unexploded Ordnance), CBRNe (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and explosives) and other hazardous materials, both on and off shore.

With more than twenty years of experience Dynasafe operates globally in areas affected by land mines, unexploded ordnance and terrorist activity; with the expertise to deliver integrated disposal and protection systems. Dynasafe is in the unique position of being able to offer all the services world- wide, on and off shore, necessary to mitigate and eliminate the risks posed by CBRNe materials; surveying, locating, containing, transporting and disposing.

As world leaders in CBRNe risk mitigation, the company provides three primary services:

  • Dynasafe Demil Systems:
    • Design, build and operate plants for the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of conventional and chemical munitions
    • The plant is able to treat a wide variety of munitions
    • Stationery and mobile plants with off gas treatment are available. Off gas treatment systems which can fulfil all environmental regulations world-wide.
    • The system has an accident free record; with more than 20 plants deployed internationally for the disposal of chemical and conventional munitions. Employing more than 100 years of experience
    • Destroyed munitions are guaranteed to be free of explosives and organic material
    • Dynasafe Demil Systems are also able to offer disassembly systems and stand- alone environmental solutions.
  • Dynasafe Protection Systems:
    • Suppliers of integrated protection systems, explosive containment vessels and project/client specific consulting and training.
    • Products are designed for the handling and total containment of various CBRNe hazards e.g. fragments, pressure sensitive, temperature sensitive and toxic materials. The containment provided can be either gastight or non-gastight. More than 250 units/systems have been installed world-wide
    • These products will feature as part of an integrated system; tailored solutions to meet specific client requirements.
    • Market Segments: Defence, Law Enforcements, Airport Security, Public Security and Industry & Research.
    • All training staff are EOD specialists and experts in their field
  • Dynasafe Area Clearance:
    • Provide global area clearance and risk mitigation both on and off shore; offering a full range of demining and EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) services. Including clearance, consulting, surveying and training.
    • As part of the Area Clearance offering, Dynasafe Marine Services provide world -wide assistance to offshore and onshore developments providing underwater survey, clearance and UXO dredging support.
    • Dynasafe Canine Services, as part of Area Clearance, provides explosives and narcotics detection services and complimentary patrol teams to security solutions.

Safety and Environmental Compliance
Dynasafe prides itself in the standards it holds throughout the organisation with compliance to health and safety and environmental regulations; the safety of all employees is of the highest priority.

All disposal solutions are designed to eliminate harmful substances being emitted, during the processes. Monitoring and controlling system components are safely undertaken remotely from a safe working distance.

Dynasafe is able to provide integrated solutions to mitigating the risk, removal and management of UXO, CBRNe and other hazardous material problems world- wide both on and off shore.

For further information, please contact; Jörgen Björkman
Email: jörgen.bjö
Telephone: +46 70 536 0749