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The Managing Director of Sales for Dynasafe Protection Systems and the Business Development Manager of the Dynasafe Group visited the SITDEF 2013 exhibition held in Lima, Peru on 15-19 May.

The main goal of this nascent defence exhibition is to introduce new technologies to the Peruvian Armed Forces, National Police and Civil Defence Systems to match the country’s needs for weaponry and equipment modernisation to the prevention of natural disasters, mitigation of threats and increment of technological development. SITDEF, confirms its attractiveness as an important exhibition in the region with 25% attendance growth compared to SITDEF 2011. Its 17,000 square metres establishment welcomed about 150 companies and more than 30,000 attendees while launching a new UNVEX showroom featuring an unmanned vehicle, defence systems, a counterterrorism deployed base and a Tank T-90, to mention only a few.

Upon attending the inauguration of SITDEF, the Dynasafe Group was invited to a private event held at the Equestrian Club where Dynasafe had the opportunity to discuss its technologies and services to the Peruvian General of the Armed Forces, officials from the Peruvian MoD, Defence Ministers and Vice-Ministers from Argentina and Brazil and various delegation of UNASUR present at the event.

SITDEF is evolving fast in conjunction with the requirements of the region. Its future depends on many factors including the appetite and capacity of the Armed Forces and the National Police for greater technological modernisation as well as the attractiveness of Peru as a new hub for defence and security in the region. We will closely follow these developments until its next endeavour, SITDEF 2015.


By: Elizabeth Deheza

Courtesy & Photography by: Christina Tocre Diaz, Director Operations & Logistics, SITEF 2013