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Outlining Requirements for a Mobile Explosive Containment Vessel
Released in: 2019:04:25
Dynasafe announces the launch of its Dynalockr F7 and F10 explosive storage chambers


Released in: 2019:04:16

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DynaSEALR X-series Overview Guide


Dynasafe Protection Systems AB is certified according to ISO 9001:2008

Best-in-class containment chambers

We build best-in-class chambers for total containment of various effects caused by explosions (e.g. fragments, pressure, temperature, toxic materials, etc.).


As a basic rule of thumb, our product range contains three kinds of containment technologies:


  • Gas-tight explosion containment chambers (SEALR technology),
  • Fragment containing suppression chambers (LOCKR technology), and
  • Horizontal protection suppression chambers (KEEPR technology).


As a complement to the containment technologies, we develop radio controlled units, customized to perform bomb disposal from a safe distance:


  • Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVR technology)


We integrate advanced bomb disposal systems for customer-specific needs, including chosen parts of the above mentioned technologies, into integrated systems.


Our technologies are currently built into different product series:



Our product series are flexible in terms of sizes, protection levels, implementations and options enabling us to customize product versions to specific customer segments. Special versions are available for defence (e.g. EOD-teams), law enforcement (e.g. SWAT-teams), airport (e.g. security checkpoints), public security (e.g. security companies) and industry & research (e.g. laboratories).