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Outlining Requirements for a Mobile Explosive Containment Vessel
Released in: 2019:04:25
Dynasafe announces the launch of its Dynalockr F7 and F10 explosive storage chambers


Released in: 2019:04:16

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DynaSEALR X-series Overview Guide


Dynasafe Protection Systems AB is certified according to ISO 9001:2008



DynaSEALR D7 is a gas-tight chamber mounted on a frame and with integrated drilling equipment, enabling safe and easy handling during evacuation of gas-bottles with specified content (not oxygen or acetylene).

The drilling equipment is positioned outside the system to ensure that the internal chamber environment can be kept inert if required. The drilling is performed from above to puncture the gas-bottle through its cylindrical wall and release the gas in the bottle.


Drilling and puncturing of the gas-bottles is performed in a controlled and precise manner with adjustable feed speed to minimize heat generation. Two independent drilling units can be used, and two observation windows with the facility of fluoroscopy enables the user to see what happens inside the chamber at the drilling spot.


Any remaining liquefied gas in the bottle can be boiled away by increased temperature (to about 60 ºC) and/or suppression.

The chamber is easily decoupled, moved and maneuvered. It is manually opened by rotation of a locking ring, and horizontal pushing of the cover. The bottle is placed on the exposed loading frame, and the procedure is reversed to close the chamber. 

The chamber may also be used for transport of gas-bottles, when necessary approvals are obtained and after sealing of openings in-house.



Note: The picture is an illustrative example. Your DynaSEALR D7 may look different. All technical data is indicative only. Contact us for further information.

Table field: 
Design pressure45 bar
Total weight1500 kgUnloaded
Width1130 mmIncl feet. Equals 44.5 inch
Height2170 mmIncl drilling frame. Equals 85.4 inch
Length, Closed3500 mmIncl frame. Equals 137.8 inch
Length, Open4725 mmEquals 186.0 inch
Maximum bottle diameter410 mmEquals 16.1 inch
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DynaSEALR D7 inside
DynaSEALR D7 opening